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Caulking Anchors

Aerosmith®’s Caulking Anchors are heavy duty mechanical anchors with internally threaded parts whose sleeves are made of Zamac alloy. This anchor comes pre-assembled and can be used in concrete, brick, block and stone. Pre-drill the proper hole diameter and length, tap anchor into pre-drilled hole and properly set using the proper Aerosmith® caulking setting tool. Once properly set, put fixture in place and use the required machine bolt for proper attachment. This anchor can also be used in normal weight concrete, grout filled concrete, masonry (CMU) brick and stone. This anchor is not recommended for overhead applications.


  • Window frame installations
  • Screens enclosures
  • Sliding doors
  • Storm shutters
  • Light to medium duty signage
  • Seating

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be used in a variety of base materials
  • Internally threaded anchor for easy removability
  • Can be used in shallow embedments
  • Corrosion resistant anchor body

Base Material:

  • Concrete
  • Block
  • Brick
  • Stone

Anchor Component Materials:

Lead Alloy Body and internally threaded Zamac Alloy Cone

Installation Instructions:


Caulking Setting Tools:

  • CIT10   10-24
  • CIT14        1/4”
  • CIT516   5/16”
  • CIT38      3/8”
  • CIT12       1/2”

Performance Data:

Aerosmith® Caulking Anchors