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Miami Dade Approved NOA No. 21-0830.01 July 22, 2026
Tested in accordance with AC 193, AC 106, AC 233, AC 257 criteria

Sure-Con® Concrete Screws

Tested in accordance with AC 193, AC 106, AC 233, AC 257 criteria

Aerosmith®’s Sure-Con® Concrete Screws are designed to meet the demands of most medium to light duty applications. The screws are hardened and come with a blue environmental coating which allows them to be used in dry interior applications and some exterior applications. The product can be used in concrete, block and brick and manufactured with either a hex washer head or phillips head. Just pre-drill a hole using a proper size concrete drill bit and run anchor into pre-drill hole. Each box of screws contains one drill bit.


  • Metal door frames
  • Window installations
  • Shutters
  • Joint flashings
  • Electrical boxes
  • Light fixtures
  • Signage
  • Electrical junction boxes
  • Conduit clips to masonry.
  • Wood headers/furring strips to masonry
  • HVAC straps to masonry
  • Plywood to masonry
  • Exterior insulation to masonry

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in both slotted hex head and phillips flat head
  • No hole spotting required
  • Product cuts its own threads into masonry
  • Coating reduces corrosion
  • Can be used in light to medium duty applications

Base Material:

  • Concrete
  • Masonry

Head Styles:

  • Phillips
  • Slotted hex head

Anchor component materials:

Body- Heat treated Carbon Steel, Coating- Environmental (Blue)

Installation Instructions:


Performance Data:

Aerosmith® Sure-Con® Concrete Screws

*This size is less than required minimum standard anchor length for strength design.