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Sure-Set® Epoxy Acrylic CIC-1200A

At Aerosmith® Fastening Systems, your health and safety on the construction site is job one. What this means is that these products have gone through extensive and rigorous testing to not only ensure product quality, but more importantly when used appropriately, perform as intended with your safety and the safety of others at the forefront.

With that in mind, Aerosmith® Fastening Systems is pleased to announce its new line of Sure-Set® Epoxy Acrylic CIC-1200A adhesive anchoring. CIC-1200A is now available in an 11 ounce version.

Product Information:

The Sure-Set® Epoxy Acrylic CIC-1200A is the most environmentally friendly resin system within our range, at the same time it exhibits outstanding performance in concrete, masonry, and other base materials. It is ideally suited for high load/heavy duty structural anchoring applications. It can be used with threaded rod, reinforcing bar, and steel dowels in solid base materials or in conjunction with an Aerosmith® screen tube for hollow based anchoring applications. It is free of styrenes, the Sure-Set® Epoxy Acrylic CIC-1200A formulation has a very low odor and is well suited for use indoors and in confined spaces. It also has a very low VOC content and no hazard symbols are required to be displayed on the product label, nor is it hazardous for any mode of transportation.



  • For use in structural applications in cracked and uncracked concrete for threaded rod, reinforcing bars, and steel dowels
  • Suspended ventilation systems
  • Safety barriers
  • Machinery & heavy machinery
  • Rolling cranes
  • Structural steel to concrete applications

Important Information:

  • Is approved and listed for cracked and uncracked concrete category 1
  • Can be used in low and high strength concrete
  • Product is styrene free
  • Can be used in dry and wet environments
  • Can be used overhead with epoxy resin stoppers
  • Product has a low odor formulation and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Product mixes through dispensing nozzle, no premixing required

Base Material:

  • Concrete
  • Solid & hollow masonry (If using in hollow base material applications a stainless steel or nylon screen tube is needed to encapsulate the adhesive)
  • Hard natural stone
  • Solid rock
  • Voided stone or rock

Approvals and Listing:

IAPMO ER-668 For use in Cracked and Uncracked Concrete category 1
IBC Listed (International Building Code)
IRC Listed (International Residential Code)
COLA Listed (City of Los Angeles)
Tested in accordance with AC308 and AC58 for use in structural concrete and masonry

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ES-668 (PDF) »

Installation Instructions:

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Aerosmith® Sure-Set® Epoxy Acrylic CIC-1200A