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Blue Banger Hanger® Pour In Place (PIP)

Pour-in-Place Insert for the attachment of Threaded Rod

Aerosmith®’s Blue Banger Hanger® Pour In Place Insert cast-in-place anchors are used on wood form poured decks and installed prior to pouring concrete which reduces installation and material costs. Blue Banger Hanger PIP’s are easy to use just strike the top of the hanger and drive the three mounting nails into the forming material until the bottom of the hanger is flush with the plywood. The hanger should be sitting 90 degrees perpendicular to the forming material. Once concrete is hardened, and forms are stripped, strike the mounting nails to break them off, it’s that simple.


  • For hanging threaded rod in overhead applications
  • Cable trays
  • Fire sprinkler pipes
  • Suspended conduit
  • Suspended ceiling and lighting
  • Telecommunication installations
  • Water pipes (plumbing)
  • HVAC

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides excellent shear values for overhead attachments
  • Reduces inventory so three inserts can accommodate five threaded rod sizes
  • Allows for threaded rod size changes after inserts are installed
  • Internal threads eliminate the need and cost of couplings
  • Blue plastic ring acts as insert locator when forms are removed
  • Plastic ring creates countersunk recess to keep threads clean from pour residue

NEW Slurry Seal:

  • Slurry seal safeguards the internal threads from concrete during the pour
  • Red, white and blue colored slurry seal labels identify the insert when used by multiple trades
  • Does not catch rod threads or interfere with rod size changes
  • Won’t fall out like foam inserts

Multi-thread Support:

  • Multi-thread inserts reduce inventory - Compare to similar products who have as many as five insert sizes, one for each size
  • Easily change rod sizes after the install - Not possible with single size inserts
  • Slurry seal does not interfere with rod size changes, compare to similar products that are difficult to break plastic or foam inserts that tangle


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Aerosmith® Blue Banger Hanger® Pour In Place (PIP)